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Exmoor Camera Club
Exmoor Landscape Tree

We believe that as a member of a camera club, you should be taking photographs, all our events are FREE for members unless, they are followed by the letters SE, which is an abbreviation for Special Event.

Each photographic event has a theme, which is listed after the day / date. The majority of events last a least 3-6 hours and start at different times of the day and run on different days of the week, so to be flexible and suitable to all. With the exception of classroom workshops and special events, you are free to arrive late or depart early to fit in with your lifestyle needs and of course. Please don't feel you are obligated to attend all our events; although you are more than welcome too.

Visiting Exmoor? If your on Holiday or just visiting Exmoor, you are more than welcome to join us with our Day Pass - DP, you will be able to take part in our events.

6th - Coastal Adventure Workshop
8th - Star Trails
13th - Landscape
14th - Flowing Water
16th - Lightroom Classroom Workshop
21st - Steam
23th - Moonlight Photography
28th - New to Lightroom Classroom Workshop
29th - Dunster Adventure

2nd - Basic Photoshop
7th - Colour
8th - Star Trails
15th - Steam
16th - Landscapes
18th - Lynmouth Adventure
22nd - Moonlight Photography
24th - Dunster Country Fair
30th - Trees
31st - Water

2nd - New to Adobe Lightroom
6th - Star Trails
8th - Landscapes
13th - Adobe Lightroom Library Module
16th August - Dunster Show
16th - Adobe Develop Module
20th - Landscapes
21st - Moonlight Photography
23rd - Deer
29th - Dunster Adventure

2nd and 3rd - TBC
Thursday 5th - Star Trails
10th - TBC
13th - TBC
Thursday 19th - Moonlight Photography
21st, 26th, 27th and 29th - TBC

4th - TBC
Saturday 5th - Star Trails
7th, 12th, 12th, 3th -TBC
Friday 18th - Moonlight Photography
19th, 21st, 25th, 26th and 28th - TBC

2nd - TBC
Sunday 3rd - Star Trails
5th, 10th and 11th -TBC
Sunday 17th - Moonlight Photography
19th -TBC
22nd -TBC
28th - TBC

2nd - TBC
Tuesday 3rd - Star Trails
5th and 10th - TBC
13th - TBC
Tuesday 17th - Moonlight Photography
Wednesday 18th - Christmas Dinner

Special Events

These photography events have a small extra charge for special access or service.


Full event details, locations, timing etc are available to members.


Dark Skies
Dark Sky Events

Dark Skies events of subject to the weather conditions and clear skies. Don't forget to bring a hot drink and to wrap up in warm clothing. Full event details, locations, timing etc are available to members.


eDarkroom Workshops

Workshops FREE* members classroom workshops are;

* excludes refreshments. Maximum of 12 attendees per workshop. Attendees should have their own Laptop and copies of software(s) if they wish to benefit from the full workshop. However you can still take part, by watching, learning and asking questions.

If you don't have a laptop, we have a limited number of mac and pc's which include software for hire at £60 per workshop.


Exmoor Landscape
Club Competition

Don't forget all images taken on these events can be entered into the club competition for a chance to win £3000 worth of photographic gear.



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