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About us

We are five photographers (Founding Photographers) whom live in, or around Exmoor National Park all with different levels of photographic skills and knowledge in different areas.

Since 2009 we have been saying that Exmoor needs a photography club that takes photographs on Exmoor, not just stuck in a village hall somewhere in those winter months.

As no on else started this type of club, we thought it was about time to do something ourselves.

So we formed the Exmoor Camera Club, which is a "not for profit" practical camera club, promoting Exmoor to Photographers, visitors and locals whom wish to explore photography in this great national park.

We wanted to bring something different to the words "photography club", so whether its our loan gear scheme, our workshops which offer a wide range of skills at different levels, where you may even pass on your knowledge and skills to others, we promise you a warm down to earth friendly welcome.

We hold meetings around 3 times every 8 days, around 140 per year, all on different days and at different times, so appealing to all as living on Exmoor can be challenging but very rewarding.

Our current membership fees are, £76 per year for a single person, £86 for two persons at the same address and it's free for children under the age of 16 with a fee paying adult, which equates to around 54pence per event or £1.46 per week.

So why not join us ?


Chairperson Peter Jones
Secretary Neil Waitland
Membership Secretary Doug Ton
Event Secretary Mark Antony
Treasurer and Web Site Emma Slater
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